exercises for the legs done at home

 1 Calories from burning: the key
2 Make a healthy and varied diet
3 Do regular exercise

The secret to losing weight is really simple: burn more calories than you eat. If you do not meet these basic requirements, all your efforts will be in vain. If you burn a lot of calories in the gym, but then get more back from your next meal, you won't make any progress. That is why exercise is accompanied by a regular diet.

Although they can also work separately in some cases, the best way (the fastest, most effective and healthy) to burn more calories than you consume and, consequently, to lose weight until you reach your ideal weight is to combine diet with exercise. Let's see how to lose weight with diet and exercise

Make a healthy and varied diet.

exercises for the legs done at home.

When we talk about food, we really mean healthy food. And this is diets, especially those that promise to lose a large number of kilos in record time, are not recommended. Diets that plan to lose weight should provide the necessary nutrients and, in addition, should be able to maintain them over time. When the diet does not meet these requirements, there is a great risk of suffering the rebound effect and, most importantly, health problems can result from a lack of certain nutrients.

Hence, to lose weight, avoid excessive and limited food and instead make a low-calorie diet, which is also very important to be healthy and varied. With pride around the world, the Water Diet It is an excellent foundation for your diet, whether you want to lose weight or if you just need to protect yourself.

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