RELATED ARTICLEP rocessed foods

 RELATED ARTICLEP   rocessed foods

Now that you have managed to make your diet different, you have to make sure that it is also healthy and low in calories. To achieve this, you need to keep your parts under control. If you do not have time to count calories, as many do, do not worry, since you can easily manage your portions according to the method of the dish: divide your plate into four equal parts and fill two of them with vegetables, while the rest of the two you have to put carbohydrates and proteins no. As such, 50 percent will be equivalent to vegetables; and carbohydrates and proteins will be present at 25 percent each. 

Calorica diets are not prohibited, but at least until you reach your weight-loss goal, it is advisable to reduce the quantity as much as possible. Ice cream, pizza, hamburger... Whatever the calorie foods you like the most, it is wise to choose only one and let it play the role of a weekly reward.. The same happens with alcoholic beverages: reducing their number will help you quickly gain good weight. In this way, most of the days of the week the diet should be accompanied by a good glass of water. And if you go out for a drink, try not to overdo it with beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

Do regular exercise 

Piernas fuertes 

We know that Exercise is not an easy hobby, but it is a way of life and, above all, a habit that will prolong your life and help you lose weight if you need to.. But how do you lose weight with exercise? To begin with, as we have already indicated, it is necessary to combine a healthy and varied diet. 

Entering the type of exercise, any sport that stimulates you and makes you sweat will help you burn calories. So don't bother yourself with modern activities if it doesn't suit you, no matter how promising it is. If you like to try new things, you have a lot of options, but remember that standard exercises have reached that point because they work.. We are talking about sports such as running, cycling or swimming.

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