Eat weight loss foods.

 Eat weight loss foods..

 If you eat the following weight loss foods, we promise that you will lose weight in 7 days. 

Eat low-calorie foods that are high in protein, such as: Eggs ( Malay / Fish Vegetables (Broccoli) etc Beans Food lenses Many drinks such as: Drinking lots of water Ginger Lemon (without sugar) A study done by one of the authors confirms that he lost up to two kilos in 7 days. 

If you follow these instructions, it is a fact that you can lose more than two kilos of fat.

 Also, don't forget to drink green tea. If you want to know more about green tea read here: Benefits of green tea and how to lose weight The 7 Days Weight Loss Model We tested this method for one week and it is very simple, if you do it, you will definitely feel a big change in seven days. 

Name yourself To determine weight loss it is best to weigh yourself first. When you weigh yourself you will know how much you weigh and how much you lose in a week. 

There are unusual scales that you connect to an app that tells you how much fat is in your body, your bones, your protein and other things.

 If you are in Europe and America you can buy this scale here. Count the calories in the food you eat You have to count the calories in the food you eat. 

Everyone has a calorie target and it depends on your current weight, size etc. If you want to know your calorie intake click here:

 How to find out how many calories you need per day Once you know how many calories you need, you should save up to 1000 calories every day. It means you have to die.

 Example is 2500 calories, you reduce 1000 calories. After that it becomes a week: 7×1000=7000= one kilo of fat. Breakfast: in the morning eat 2 whole grains boiled in water Lunch: 

1 piece of canned spinach, preferably water, and a small vegetable salad. A slice of banana or grapefruit/orange or even an apple. At night: Choose chicken that has been boiled in water or cooked on low heat, which you apply a little oil like Oliva oil.

Drink plenty of water: you should drink at least two glasses of water a day. Do one hour of physical activity: 

For example, a cardio session Sweet love messages The bottom line is how the news breaks down Losing weight is not easy but if you are serious about it you can make it easier. 

Anyone who has a beautiful body takes a lot of time and effort and nothing is easy to achieve except that people differ in their ability and confidence. Whatever you do, you must be brave and patient

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